Technical Advisory Board

Digital security is one of the most difficult challenges to press freedom challenges of the 21st Century. Freedom of the Press Foundation's technical advisory board will look for better ways to protect the communications of journalists and sources, and in turn, protect the public's right-to-know.

Technical Advisory Board

Chris Soghoian

Dubbed the “Ralph Nader for the Internet Age” by Wired and “the most prominent of a new breed of activist technology researchers” by the Economist, Christopher Soghoian is currently the Principal Technologist with the Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union. He completed his Ph.D. at Indiana University in 2012, which focused on the role that third party service providers play in facilitating law enforcement surveillance of their customers.

Eleanor Saitta

Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist, and writer. She is Principal Security Engineer at the Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP), directing the OpenITP Peer Review Board for open source software and working on adversary modeling.  She is also Technical Director at the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), a member of the advisory boards at Geeks Without Bounds (GWoB) and the Calyx Institute, and works occasionally as a freelance security architecture and strategy consultant to news organizations, NGOs, and software teams like Mailpile and Commotion.

Eva Galperin

Eva Galperin is a Global Policy Analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her work focuses on privacy and security for vulnerable populations, including journalists.

Kelly Caine

Kelly Caine is Director of the Humans and Technology lab and Assistant Professor in the Human-Centered Computing Division of the School of Computing at Clemson University. Her current research interests include usable privacy and security with a focus on human factors issues related to the design of privacy-enhancing systems. She is the recipient of awards from the National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, Product Design and Marketing Association, American Public Health Association and GVU Center at Georgia Tech. She is co-author of the forthcoming book Understanding Your Users: A Practical Guide to User Research, 2nd Edition.

Kevin Poulsen

Journalist and author Kevin Poulsen is investigations editor at WIRED and cofounder of the award-winning Threat Level blog. He is the author of Kingpin — How One Hacker Took Over the Billion Dollar Cyber Crime Underground (Crown, 2010). He originally developed SecureDrop with Aaron Swartz and James Dolan in 2012. His personal SecureDrop server lives at http://poulsensqiv6ocq4.onion.

Morgan Marquis-Boire

Morgan Marquis-Boire is a Senior Researcher and Technical Advisor at the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. He is the Director of Security for First Look Media. Prior to this he worked on the security team at Google. He is a founding member of The Secure Domain Foundation, a non-profit, free, adversary intelligence group. He is a Special Advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco and an Advisor to the United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute. In addition to this, he serves as a member of the Free Press Foundation security advisory board. A native of New Zealand, He was one of the original founders of the KiwiCON hacker conference. His research on surveillance and the digital targeting of activists and journalists has been featured in numerous print and online publications.

Oktavía Jónsdóttir

Oktavia Jonsdottir is an independent advisor in the fields of integrated and holistic safety practices for individuals and organizations. She designed and directed the SAFE initiative providing integrated training, emergency assistance and risk mitigation plans in digital security, physical safety and psychosocial care to journalists and human rights defenders in 12 countries globally. Oktavia's background is in Media, conflict and ICTs, she was a part of the team that created the DDoS mitigating secure hosting platform VirtualRoad.

Runa A. Sandvik

Runa A. Sandvik is a privacy and security researcher, working at the intersection of technology, law and policy. She is a Forbes contributor, a technical advisor to the TrueCrypt Audit project, and a member of the review board for Black Hat Europe. Prior to joining the Freedom of the Press Foundation as a full-time technologist from June 2014 to February 2015, she worked with The Tor Project for four years.