Other Ways to Help

Other Ways to Help

Already donated and want to do more? Don’t have resources to donate? There are many other ways you can help us in our movement to promote independent, fearless, uncompromising press.

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We’re a new organization with a noble cause, and we need you to help us reach people who care about transparency, free expression and accountable government. Please tell your friends about our organization through email and social media. You can send a suggested tweet to all your friends by clicking here. And make sure to follow us on Twitter at @FreedomofPress.

Fundraisers FTW!

You’re just one person. But your friends, family, and even frenemies have some serious economic clout. Evangelize to your loved ones about how society will be improved by nonprofit, independent, unflinching media and it won’t be hard to throw together a successful fundraiser. Parties, contests, pledges, door-to-door solicitations – use your imagination. Want us to help promote your event? Email [email protected]