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4FC6 0810 0C34 0099 9C0C 9F4A EB16 1F32 5A31 C8EA

Keturah (they/them pronouns) is an infrastructure witch (and sometimes engineer) at Freedom of the Press Foundation. They've been in tech for more than 10 years, primarily in the public, non-profit and education sectors, with an emphasis on information security & data protection. In their free time they enjoy copious amounts of cooking, working with/building FOSS home automation systems, playing board games and the excessive use of incense.

They also work extensively in the trans, nonbinary & intersex movements. Their current volunteer project focuses on providing resources and support to LGBTQIA people dealing with homelessness, addiction and displacement where they live. Formerly, they were Managing Director and Lead Patient Advocate at UK Trans Info, co-founder of the Nonbinary Inclusion Project, and creator of the Misgendered project.