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Prosecuting journalists who covered Inauguration Day protests endangers press freedom and the First Amendment

Two journalists still face charges and potentially decades in prison for covering Inauguration Day protests in Washington D.C. The continued prosecution of Aaron Cantú and Alexei Wood for doing ...

Saving the Gothamist archives from journalism's 'billionaire problem'

We're releasing new software to create PDF archives of stories written by individual journalists formerly employed at DNAinfo or the Gothamist network of sites.

Join us in supporting Techdirt as it faces a threatening lawsuit for exercising its First Amendment rights

Techdirt is in a First Amendment fight for its life and needs everyone's support. 


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Encryption Tools for Journalists

Help journalists protect their sources. 

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Donate to Signal, encrypted calls and texts made easy.

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Donate to support SecureDrop, the open-source whistleblower submission system keeping journalists and sources safe. 

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