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Police must protect the press covering the 2024 RNC

As journalists arrive in Milwaukee to cover the 2024 Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Fiserv Forum, local police must be aware of and protect journalists’ constitutional right to report, …

Revisiting the undercover Alito recording, post-Trump v. United States

The secret taping, condemned by journalistic ethicists, is actually a prime example of when surreptitious reporting is justified

States must step up to protect journalist-source confidentiality

Two Mississippi journalists may go to jail for refusing to burn their sources. Journalists in other states are at risk, too

Supreme Court ruling bodes well for unjustly convicted NC journalists

The court’s decision means journalists who can prove retaliation for doing their jobs can more easily sue

Guest Opinion: Prison social media bans silence important voices

Restrictions on social media quell incarcerated journalists' access to their audience and harm the public’s right to know. A pending federal proposal would make things worse


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