10 years fighting for journalists' rights: Freedom of the Press Foundation’s 2022 Impact Report



Credit: Kelsey Borch

It’s my pleasure to unveil Freedom of the Press Foundation’s 2022 Impact Report.

I’m Bevyn Howard, and I joined FPF as a grant writer this year. Every day I am in absolute awe of the expertise my teammates bring to the press freedom space. I wanted to honor their work in this annual impact report by adding more visuals than ever before and creating deeper dives into our most exciting projects so you, our supporters, can join us in recognizing another successful year.

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Here are five highlights from the 2022 Impact Report:

1. Showcasing FPF’s decade of impact

FPF was founded 10 years ago, and let me tell you — a lot has happened. Find some of FPF’s biggest milestones in this timeline, as we continue to evolve to meet the needs of journalists and whistleblowers.

2. Streamlining SecureDrop with the SecureDrop Workstation

The next generation of SecureDrop, the SecureDrop Workstation, is genuinely a mind-blowing project. Developed as a way for journalists and sources to communicate safely, SecureDrop allows ground-breaking news to reach your front page. Read here as I break down — in a way even we non-engineers can appreciate — how we are advancing SecureDrop.

3. Visualizing threats against press freedom

As someone who geeks out over data and real-time visualizations, the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker’s website is truly a site to be seen. By documenting nearly every press freedom violation in the United States, the Tracker remains a vital resource for reporting on threats against journalists. And this redesign brings you closer to the data than ever.

4. Mapping all the places we go for digital security training

I’m always trying to keep up with the time zones and locations of FPF’s digital security training team as they work around the globe to teach journalists how to protect themselves, their fearless reporting, and their sources. Explore the incredible reach of the trainers in 2022 (and these are just the places we can show you).

5. Highlighting staff favorites from the year

When you’re a fan of everything your organization does, having to pick what goes into an impact report is hard. So I asked FPFers what moments and milestones from this past year stood out to them. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at some of the wins we’re celebrating.

In my first year at FPF I’ve had the privilege to witness the incredible impact of this organization, and I hope this report does that work justice. The role of journalism in our democracy cannot be overstated, and I am thankful to work for an organization that provides the tools and training journalists need to inform the public. Find the entire 2022 Impact Report below, or download a copy (PDF).

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