Defining Stories: Freedom of the Press Foundation’s 2023 Impact Report



Graphic by Kelsey Borch

We are excited to share Freedom of the Press Foundation’s (FPF) 2023 Impact Report, marking another year of achievements and relentless advocacy for press freedom.

For in-depth insights into our highest-impact initiatives, along with compelling visuals courtesy of designer Kelsey Borch, join me in a look back on 2023.

Here are five key sections from this past year’s report:

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1. Honoring FPF co-founder Daniel Ellsberg:

We paid tribute to the late Daniel Ellsberg, a co-founder of FPF and a legendary figure in the world of whistleblowing. Ellsberg’s legacy of courage will always inspire our work, especially in our advocacy for whistleblower rights. His lifelong dedication to press freedom and governmental transparency remains a guiding light for our organization.

A screenshot of Freedom of the Press Foundation's impact report, honoring Daniel Ellsberg.

2. Supporting the press freedom community:

Our efforts this year have garnered significant media attention, highlighting the relevance and impact of our work. FPF was cited and mentioned by various news outlets over 300 times, reflecting our influential role in the press freedom landscape and our contributions to important journalistic cases and topics.

A screenshot of Freedom of the Press Foundation's impact report, with mentions and citations of FPF in the media.

3. Extending FPF’s impact nationally and globally:

This year’s report includes a comprehensive map illustrating the reach of FPF’s three main programs. From U.S. Press Freedom Tracker incidents to SecureDrop deployments and digital security training sessions, this visual representation showcases the extensive scope and influence of our initiatives across the U.S. and the globe.

A screenshot of Freedom of the Press Foundation's impact report, with a map showcasing FPF's initiatives around the world.

4. Defending local and big-name journalists alike:

FPF’s advocacy efforts in 2023 spanned both high-profile and lesser-known, yet equally important, press freedom issues. Our relentless pursuit of justice and transparency in journalism has led to significant progress and heightened awareness of the challenges faced by journalists and sources alike.

A screenshot of Freedom of the Press Foundation's impact report, with examples of FPF's advocacy efforts.

5. Demonstrating SecureDrop’s influence on global issues:

2023 gave us a rare opportunity to see how an anonymous whistleblower used SecureDrop to leak over 5,000 pages of documents revealing Russian intelligence activities. This story underscores the crucial role SecureDrop plays in facilitating investigative journalism and exposing global cyber espionage.

A screenshot of Freedom of the Press Foundation's impact report, with a description of an anonymous whistleblower's use of SecureDrop.

Looking back on 2023, I am also inspired by the dedication and impact of our team. We remain committed to safeguarding journalism and upholding the democratic principles of press freedom, two touchstones we anticipate being further challenged in 2024.

Discover more about our work and achievements in the full 2023 Impact Report below, or download a copy (PDF).

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