Freedom of the Press Foundation releases its priorities and objectives for the next three years

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Promoting press freedom in the 21st century

The world is experiencing a dangerous surge in authoritarianism and attacks against fundamental freedoms. Today, journalists are routinely described as “enemies of the people”, surveilled, physically assaulted, and arrested—even in the United States.

To protect democracy, we must protect press freedom.

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we use our diverse expertise and networks to prioritize high impact work—the kind of work that no other organization is in a position to do. It is from this position of strength that we are setting our goals for the next three years.

Get Notified. Take Action.

Most urgently, we must empower investigative teams everywhere to do their most sensitive work securely, whether this work entails talking to an anonymous whistleblower, or collaborating with other news organizations on a sensitive story.

Below is our Strategic Plan 2021 - 2023, outlining our mission, principles, and beliefs, as well as an overview of our priorities and objectives over the next three years.

The role of journalism in our democracy matters now more than ever and we are grateful for your support of our important work.

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