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SecureDrop is an open source whistleblower platform that allows sources to anonymously send documents and messages to journalists. It is in use at more than 60 news organizations. SecureDrop uses the Tor network, strong encryption and a carefully designed system architecture to ensure security and anonymity.

Freedom of the Press Foundation leads the development of SecureDrop in partnership with a growing world-wide community of volunteers. For more information about SecureDrop, please read our FAQ. If you can contribute code, design, translations, documentation, research, or in other ways, please see the overview for new contributors.

pf trackerU.S. Press Freedom Tracker

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker is a website operated by Freedom of the Press Foundation that brings together more than two dozen press freedom groups to systematically count and document all press freedom violations in the United States. The data we gather informs advocacy, journalism, and legal action. It has been cited by in news stories by CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, Forbes, and many others.

The tracker team also publishes a regular newsletter. Subscribe to stay informed about press freedom issues in the United States.

Secure the News LogoSecure the News

Secure the News tracks the adoption of HTTPS encryption, including associated best practices, by news organizations around the world. The adoption of HTTPS by news sites provides important protections to readers. Visiting a news site without an encrypted connection means that attackers, ISPs or network operators can see what you’re reading and even swap out real stories with fake ones. See the Secure the News blog for adoption data and other progress updates.

haven logoHaven

Haven is an Android app that lets you turn a smartphone into a personal physical security system by using its motion, sound, vibration and light detectors to watch for intruders. It was designed for investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance. Haven is being developed in partnership with the Guardian Project. It can send notifications via Signal and enables remote access through the Tor network.  It does not reveal personal information to third parties (e.g., cloud services).

Archive the Newsarchivethenews.png

We maintain complete archival copies of news websites threatened by wealthy buyers pushing an agenda or litigants with deep pockets. As examples like Gawker Media or Gothamist demonstrate (see our reporting), these risks are very real, especially for edgy outlets that pursue adversarial stories about business leaders. Our archive collection protects the work of these outlets and acts as a disincentive against attempts to silence inconvenient reporting through lawsuits or shutdowns.


@FOIAFeed is a Twitter account that highlights news stories that rely on the Freedom on Information Act, landmark US legislation that protects the public’s right to request information from the government about its actions. FOIA is routinely threatened and undermined by public officials. We showcase its critical importance for public interest journalism, so that anyone can make the case for preserving and expanding FOIA access.

Sunder logoSunder

Sunder is an open source digital security tool that lets you split passwords and passphrases in such a way that multiple parts are required to recover the whole. This makes it possible to delegate emergency access to sensitive documents to third parties. It can also be used to protect access to long-running archives of documents or footage. Sunder is still in the early stages of development and Freedom of the Press Foundation is actively seeking contributions and feedback—see our blog post for additional background.

Sponsored Projects

Signal LogoSignal

Signal is an open source encrypted text message and phone call application developed and maintained by Open Whisper Systems. Freedom of the Press Foundation is Signal's fiscal sponsor and supports its use by journalists and whistleblowers. You can download Signal for Android and iOS.