At Freedom of the Press Foundation, it is our mission to protect the privacy and security of 21st century journalists. 

We deliver digital security trainings to news organizations, freelance and citizen journalists, and other at-risk groups. With education and advocacy, we aim to protect press freedoms through the adoption of the tools and practices included in our trainings.

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Surveillance Self Defense

Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense is EFF's guide to defending yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices.
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E-mail Security Tips

Journalists and newsrooms are increasingly being targeted through their email. Virtually every "sophisticated" hack of an individual reporter or entire news organization starts with a relatively simple attack: phishing and spear phishing. Prepare yourself for this eventuality with our e-mail hygiene guide.
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What to Do If Your Phone is Seized By Police

So, you’ve been arrested at an event. You’re taken to the police station and your phone is confiscated. When you’re let out, you realize someone has gone through your digital belongings. What now?

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Three Types of Passphrases

From song lyrics to rolling dice, here's a quick reference guide for making it easier to choose a safe passphrase based on the devices and applications you're using.


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Mobile Security Prevention Tips

Need to bring your phone to a protest, but worried it may be confiscated? Our infographic lists eight steps you can take to secure your mobile phone before you walk out the door.


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Rapid Responses For Compromised Phones

While attending an organized action, your mobile device is at risk of being tampered with by authorities. You can minimize the consequences of a mobile phone confiscation by following the steps in our visual guide.

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