ClassroomOnline surveillance is expanding rapidly, making digital security one of the most vital press freedom issues of the 21st Century. Freedom of the Press trains everyone from large media organizations to independent journalists on a variety of security and privacy tools for better protecting themselves, their sources, and their organizations, including:

  • GPG, for email encryption

  • Tor, for anonymous web browsing

  • Jabber + OTR, for secure instant messaging

  • SecureDrop, for secure whistleblowing

  • Mobile security for Android and iOS

  • Desktop security for MacOSX and Windows

  • Basic A/V security and protection of footage

  • ...and more

If you prefer, you can contact us via GPG-encrypted email at info [at] freedom [dot] press (key: 734F 6E70 7434 ECA6 C007 E1AE 82BD 6C96 16DA BB79).