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Now’s the time: Tell Sen. Durbin to advance the PRESS Act, the historic press freedom legislation

Sen. Dick Durbin has an opportunity to advance landmark protections for journalists.

Don’t get lost in the Trump raid debates. The oft-abused Espionage Act is in dire need of reform

Misguided debates around the Espionage Act have led to a flood of misinformation about what the often-abused law actually does in practice. Left unchecked, it will have a lasting effect on important reform efforts.

Congress has a historic chance to protect journalists and whistleblowers in this year’s defense authorization bill

For years, DOJ has abused the Espionage Act against whistleblowers and journalists. A new bill could potentially change that.

The extradition of Julian Assange must be condemned by all who believe in press freedom

Regardless of your feelings on Assange, the U.S. indictment against him will criminalize common newsgathering practices used by countless journalists.

In its quest to censor war reporting, the Russian government has dismantled all semblance of press freedom

Journalists at independent news outlets in Russia have been arrested, raided, censored, and forced to flee in the past week.

Appeals court says that Nixon’s attempt to prosecute Pentagon Papers reporter must stay secret — 50 years later

The Nixon admin tried to prosecute the New York Times under the same statute the Justice Department is going after Julian Assange today.

Protect the brave journalists covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

One journalist has reportedly already been killed in Ukraine. Others have been shot. And Russia is already cracking down on reporters at home.

Understanding the new CIA mass surveillance scandal

The CIA is operating a mass surveillance program affecting Americans entirely in secret.

Landmark order protecting press freedom from Minnesota police should be a model around the country

Court ordered settlement requires Minnesota State Patrol to stop arresting and assaulting journalists.

Government secrecy kills

Even the Director of National Intelligence admits the U.S. secrecy system is horribly broken.