Citizen Lab Q and A: The abuses of NSO Group’s hacking software and the threats to journalists

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher John Scott-Railton on the abuses of NSO Group’s hacking software and the threats it poses to journalists

Spyware vendor defends hacking journalists, continues to embolden abusive governments

The founder of of spyware vendor NSO Group appeared to defend targeting journalists, activists, and human rights defenders with its malicious software Pegasus in an interview days ago with CBS.

An important free speech statute that protects journalists in Texas is in danger

The Citizen Participation Act — which protests journalists and news organizations from meritless legal action in Texas — is in serious danger.

The Freedom of Information Act is getting worse under the Trump administration

FOIA is a deeply broken law that remains a critical tool for journalists, activists, and community residents who seek to illuminate government activities.

Daniel Ellsberg responds to the unjust jailing of whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is standing up for press freedom by refusing to comply with the grand jury investigating WikiLeaks. 

California AG refuses to rule out legal action against public records journalists, in new statements

'It's either the case that the Attorney General of California is ... suggesting he can [prosecute] just to intimidate those journalists—or that he doesn't know what California law says. I don't find either option very comforting.'

In a brewing First Amendment fight, California’s Attorney General threatens journalists for possessing a public records document

Reporters obtained a list of police convictions through a public records request. California’s Attorney General, claiming its mere possession is a misdemeanor crime, is threatening them with legal action.

The US government is increasingly targeting journalists at the US-Mexico border

Numerous journalists covering the migrant caravan have been subjected to secondary screenings at the US-Mexico border, questioned, and searched. It’s not the first time CBP has targeted the press.

Expanding the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker two years after launch

We're expanding our US Press Freedom Tracker project, which systematically tracks press freedom violations in the United States. 

How Trump’s government shutdown ground transparency to a halt

During Trump’s 35 day partial government shutdown—the longest in history—FOIA requests and FOIA litigation ground to a halt.