By targeting encrypted content, Australia threatens press freedom

The Australian government is considering legislation that would endanger source protection, confidential reporting processes, and the privacy of everyone in an ill-conceived effort to grant law enforcement easier access to ...

Reality and the Espionage Act

The first whistleblower prosecuted by the Trump administration, Reality Winner pled guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act. Her case is the latest in a long history of targeting sources and whistleblowers under the draconian law.

Meet the open-source Twitter bot to help you surface stories on anything

We're releasing Track The News, a new tool to monitor stories from news outlets for words or phrases that matter to you. It's the framework behind @FOIAFeed, our public records reporting bot.

Freedom of the Press Foundation statement on whistleblower Reality Winner’s plea deal

Former intelligence contractor and whistleblower Reality Winner has pled guilty to leaking a secret NSA report to the press.

Supreme Court rules police need a warrant for your cell phone location data

Law enforcement can no longer claim people have no right to privacy when using a cell phone, and must obtain a warrant to collect historical location data, the Supreme Court ruled today in the long-awaited Carpenter v. United States. This ruling marks a victory for the First and Fourth Amendments, and for journalism.

You can now support Freedom of the Press Foundation using cryptocurrency

Mainframe, a blockchain company aiming to build censorship resistant communication tools, has generously donated 1000 ETH.

Newsrooms fight their owners to save local journalism

Hedge funds like Alden Global Capital are profiting off of decimating local journalism outlets across the country. But newsrooms are fighting back.

How Snowden has changed journalism and privacy, five years later

Five years ago today, the first story based on the Snowden revelations exposing the NSA's mass surveillance regime was published. In the years that have followed, Snowden's disclosures have transformed the national and international conversation about privacy in our digital lives.

The #J20 trials are about the future of the First Amendment

The government’s ongoing and aggressive prosecution of people arrested merely for their presence at a protest where crimes allegedly occurred is dangerous, and will have chilling effects on the future of dissent in the United States.