Preserving threatened archives for Splinter and Deadspin writers

We've created tools to automate the backup of dozens of former Splinter and Deadspin writers' portfolios.

Signal Technology Foundation is now open for donations

You can now donate to support Signal, the secure messaging service, directly.

Here's how to share sensitive leaks with the press

Thinking about securely leaking information to news organizations? This guide will show you how.

It has been a year since Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. His killers have yet to face justice.

Saudi journalists Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered one year ago today.

New ruling gives legal boost to a key data journalism tool

A recent federal appeals court ruling may be a big win for data journalists and researchers who depend on scraping to collect information to report on.

Could Your Newsroom Use Help With Its Most Important Work?

We're opening a Call For Projects, to hear from interested journalistic organizations or individuals that could use a few months of outside technical help on a well-defined project that furthers press freedom or protects journalists and their sources.

In a major press freedom victory, Brazil Supreme Court judge rules to protect Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept Brasil

The ruling protects all journalists in Brazil from retaliation for their reporting.

Dozens of press freedom groups denounce the threats against journalist Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept Brazil

The Brazilian government's attack on Glenn Greenwald and the Intercept Brazil is an attack on all journalists.

Tell Rep. Adam Schiff to remove this dangerous secrecy provision from this year’s intelligence bill

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff inserted a provision in the House's intel bill that threatens press freedom.

Why aren't more journalism schools teaching digital security?

Journalism schools have been slow to offer comprehensive security education to students. What's getting in the way?