The Biden admin’s press freedom record should be judged on actions, not just rhetoric

Talking about the importance of press freedom is nice, actually protecting it is much better.

Assange extradition rejected: A huge sigh of relief for press freedom

Freedom of the Press Foundation's statement on the the rejection of the US's extradition request of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Freedom of the Press Foundation welcomes Wesley Lowery to our board

Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) is proud to welcome award-winning journalist Wesley Lowery as the newest member of its board of directors.

New report: A record breaking number of journalists arrested in the U.S. this year

New report, "U.S. Press Freedom in Crisis: Journalists Under Arrest in 2020," details how more than 117 journalists were arrested across the country in 2020.

Freedom of the Press Foundation releases its priorities and objectives for the next three years

Freedom of the Press Foundation releases its three-year Strategic Plan, outlining our mission, principles, and beliefs, as well as an overview of our priorities and objectives beginning in 2021.

An NYPD lie about journalist arrests shows why it must not control press credentials

A photojournalist and a documentary filmmaker were among 10 people violently arrested by NYPD officers on Sunday, undermining the department's denial that journalists were arrested.

Music industry forces widely used journalist tool offline

The popular free software project “youtube-dl” was removed from Github on Friday following a legal notice from the Recording Industry Association of America claiming it violates copyright law. The tool is widely used by journalists for various reporting purposes.

How would Trump shut down reporting on his taxes and COVID case? Look to his Assange prosecution.

Could this presidential administration bring charges against the New York Times for publishing information about Donald Trump's tax returns? Could its Department of Justice claim health privacy laws are being violated when news outlets report on the massive cluster of coronavirus infections currently spreading in the White House?

Onions on the side: Tracking Tor availability for reader privacy on major news sites

“Onion services,” a technology offered by Tor to ensure users can securely and privately visit particular websites, can provide a major step forward for readers who rely on the Tor network for its privacy and censorship-resistance properties.

Press freedom experts in Assange extradition hearing testify to dangers to journalism

The extradition hearing in the trial of Wikileaks editor Julian Assange is now halfway complete, and the court has heard from two Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founders—executive director Trevor Timm and board member Daniel Ellsberg—as expert witnesses for the defense.