Manuel Duran could be deported for doing journalism

Memphis journalist Manuel Duran was arrested while covering a protest. Although he faces no charges, he remains in ICE custody and could still be deported for doing his job. His detention is unconscionable, and an affront to press freedom.

A Digital Security Trainer’s Lessons from #Efail

You've read the post-mortmems on #efail. How can we, as digital security trainers, unpack the vulnerability for more evergreen advice?

Meet Sunder, a New Way to Share Secrets

The moment a news organization is given access to highly sensitive materials, the journalist and their source may be targeted by state and non-state actors, with the goal of preventing disclosures. How can whistleblowers and news organizations prepare for the worst? Sunder is a new tool that may help with this and similar use cases.

Why is ICE interfering with journalists covering immigration hearings?

An ICE attorney twice objected to the presence of a reporter at a deportation hearing earlier this month. This isn’t the first time ICE has interfered with journalists doing their jobs.

A new law is already stifling online expression and hurting sex workers

President Trump signed SESTA/FOSTA into law today. While it has been touted by lawmakers as a tool to crack down on sex trafficking, it will drastically expand online censorship and endanger the people it intends to protect.

The accused FBI whistleblower indicted by Trump's DOJ allegedly leaked secret rules for spying on reporters

If alleged whistleblower Terry Albury did what he is accused of, journalists should consider him a hero.

Introducing @FOIAFeed, a Twitter bot that finds and shares Freedom of Information Act journalism

Freedom of the Press Foundation is launching @FOIAFEED today, a new project that aims to automatically find and surface reporting that uses the Freedom of Information Act or other public records laws to obtain source material.

Inside the fight to prevent censorship of Indiana student journalists

After a group of Indiana high school student journalists published an issue of their magazine about dating, their school implemented a policy of content review prior to publication. Some students say that this amounts to censorship that is compromising their journalisitic educaiton.

The CLOUD Act: a danger to journalists worldwide

Appalling legislation threatens to undermine privacy and press freedom across borders.

An increasing number of journalists have recently faced subpoenas

Three months into 2018, the most under the radar threat to press freedom has shown itself to be not arrests or attacks on journalists, but rather subpoenas to produce documents or attempt to force journalists to testify about their sources.