FPF explains the importance of the PRESS Act

Bipartisan bill would protect journalist-source confidentiality and put a stop to government surveillance of reporters

Ex-CIA employee deserves a long prison sentence — but not for leaking documents

It’s troubling that our government apparently views disclosing its secrets as an exponentially more serious offense than possessing troves of child pornography

Defining Stories: Freedom of the Press Foundation’s 2023 Impact Report

FPF’s 2023 Impact Report details the strides we made in the past year, what we need to look back on, and where we hope to go from here. Our 2023 Impact Report — available now.

Why political rivals can and should come together for press freedom

It takes courage for politicians likely to be criticized by journalists to nonetheless stand up for their constitutional rights

Israel and US continue to ignore press freedom violations

As more and more journalists are killed and the international press remains shut out of Gaza, the time is now for the Biden administration to pressure Israel to act

New election blog catalogs media suppression by candidates, campaigns

Special project from U.S. Press Freedom Tracker collects and reports on press freedom aggressions by candidates and their teams running in 2024 federal elections

New Jersey anti-SLAPP law faces its first test

Here’s what journalists should watch for in the first case applying the state’s new law meant to protect against meritless anti-speech lawsuits

Harsh punishments for leakers undermine public-interest journalism

The maximum sentence imposed on the ex-IRS contractor who leaked Trump’s tax returns to the press sends a chilling message to other would-be whistleblowers

Give journalists the floor

Mississippi shouldn’t copy other states by banning journalists from the Senate floor

Frequently asked questions about the PRESS Act

The bill to protect journalist-source confidentiality that passed the House last week is the most important press freedom bill in modern times