Tell Rep. Adam Schiff to remove this dangerous secrecy provision from this year’s intelligence bill

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff inserted a provision in the House's intel bill that threatens press freedom.

Why aren't more journalism schools teaching digital security?

Journalism schools have been slow to offer comprehensive security education to students. What's getting in the way?

The Brazilian government should immediately halt investigations into Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept Brazil’s reporting

Governments investigating journalists for doing their job is a serious threat to press freedom.

Trump opens reelection campaign week with escalating rhetoric against the media

The same week that President Donald Trump traveled to Orlando, Florida, to announce his bid for reelection, his escalating negative rhetoric against the media reached an all-time high.

Outrageous raids on journalists in Australia and elsewhere threaten press freedom

Recent raids on journalists and newsrooms in Australia are the latest in a string of instances — in no way limited to Australia — of government targeting of journalists for their reporting.

Special Limited Time Art Sale to Benefit Freedom of the Press Foundation

Purchase artwork and support Freedom of the Press Foundation at the same time. 

Unanswered questions on the San Francisco police raid of a journalist’s home

The SF police chief finally apologized, but many questions remain unanswered.

Press freedom advocates and news outlets strongly condemn new charges against Julian Assange

Here’s what numerous civil liberties and digital rights groups had to say about the implications of the new unprecedented charges against Julian Assange under the Espionage Act.

The Trump admin’s new charges against Julian Assange are a fundamental threat to press freedom in the 21st century

The Trump administration’s new charges against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are the most fundamental threat to press freedom in the 21st century

San Francisco's criminal investigation of a journalist for 'conspiracy' is a shocking attack on press freedom

San Francisco's investigation into a freelance reporter for 'conspiracy' is a brazen attack on the rights of all journalists.