Chelsea Manning could be jailed again today

Manning was released after a grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks expired last week, but she was immediately subpoenaed to order before a new one — and she could be jailed again for her courage when she resists again.

California’s new transparency law increases police visibility and amplifies reporting, but the state is still resisting it

Recent courtroom wins in California have led to the release of new police shooting records under a new transparency law, but some government agencies have been resisting compliance.

The Trump admin is on pace to shatter the record for the most prosecutions of journalistic sources

The latest arrest and indictment of an alleged whistleblower should concern all journalists. 

Privacy researchers push back on judge’s order to destroy NYPD public records

Any time a government agency orders documents that were obtained legally to be returned or destroyed is a threat to freedom of information and constitutional rights of reporters everywhere.

Why is Chelsea Manning still in jail?

The ongoing detention of Chelsea Manning is inhumane and punitive, and she should be released immediately.

Civil liberties groups condemn the Trump admin’s indictment of Julian Assange

Here’s what numerous civil liberties and digital rights groups had to say about the implications of Assange’s charge and arrest.

The Trump administration’s indictment of Julian Assange threatens core press freedom rights

The Trump administration's indictment of Assange may criminalize many common journalistic practices. 

Citizen Lab Q and A: The abuses of NSO Group’s hacking software and the threats to journalists

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher John Scott-Railton on the abuses of NSO Group’s hacking software and the threats it poses to journalists

Spyware vendor defends hacking journalists, continues to embolden abusive governments

The founder of of spyware vendor NSO Group appeared to defend targeting journalists, activists, and human rights defenders with its malicious software Pegasus in an interview days ago with CBS.

An important free speech statute that protects journalists in Texas is in danger

The Citizen Participation Act — which protests journalists and news organizations from meritless legal action in Texas — is in serious danger.