Revealed: The Justice Dept's secret rules for targeting journalists with FISA court orders

The Justice Dept has kept these FISA court rules for targeting journalists secret for years. 

Google should protect whistleblowers and increase transparency, not stifle it

Google should protect whistleblowers who to the press, and immediately address the concerns that its employees have raised about the company’s complicity in a project that could expand China’s censorship and damage press freedom.

Join us in fighting back against powerful corporations trying to silence news and advocacy organizations

SLAPP suits, or “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” are brought by wealthy individuals or organizations in an attempt to silence critical speech. They also have huge implications for press freedom. We're joining a campaign to combat this dangerous tactic.

Prisons are censoring publications that challenge state power

Many civil liberties violations and instances of state abuse that incarcerated people experience are rendered invisible from the rest of the country. Prisons are cracking down on incarcerated people’s rights to access information, learn, and read the news—a huge threat to the First and Fourth Amendments.

Whistleblower Reality Winner sentenced to longest prison term in the history of federal leak cases

For alerting the public about hacking attempts on election infrastructure, Reality was given five years in jail. 

Trump’s anti-press rhetoric is dangerous, but his actions are worse

Over 300 news organizations join together and publish editorials denouncing Trump's attacks on the press. And while his rhetoric gets an outsized amount of attention, his administration’s actions are more dangerous to the press than anything Trump has said.

You can support antifa without justifying repeated physical attacks on journalists

Journalists need to be able to cover public events without fear of physical attack. 

Facebook’s terms of service obstruct important journalistic research

By prohibiting automated collection of information, Facebook's terms of service are obstructing important digital and investigative journalism. In a letter, the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University asks Facebook to modify its terms of service.

Police are threatening free expression by abusing the law to punish disrespect of law enforcement

It’s not illegal to be disrespectful to police officers. But police officers are abusing their positions of power and co-opting hate crime laws to censor criticism and offensive language.

Did ICE detain this Mexican journalist for criticizing U.S. immigration policy?

Newly revealed ICE emails suggest that journalist Emilio Gutiérrez-Soto was targeted for deportation after criticizing U.S. immigration authorities