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Government transparency cannot be a coronavirus casualty

Government agencies from the local to federal level are failing to live up to their legal transparency obligations even as the stakes for access to relevant information are at an all-time high.

The most dangerous press freedom issue of 2020 is Trump’s prosecution of Julian Assange

The extradition process for Julian Assange has officially gotten underway. When the charges were originally revealed last year, Freedom of the Press Foundation led the charge in denouncing them, and we were joined by the unanimous voices of the civil liberties and press freedom community.

How do newsrooms get their news tips? We reviewed over 80 news outlets

We looked at over 80 news sites to measure how different newsrooms can get sensitive tips from sources.

Over 40 press freedom and civil liberties groups denounce Brazil’s charges against Glenn Greenwald

In an open letter, more than 40 press freedom and civil liberties groups strongly condemned the "cybercrime" charges against Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Preserving threatened archives for Splinter and Deadspin writers

We've created tools to automate the backup of dozens of former Splinter and Deadspin writers' portfolios.

New ruling gives legal boost to a key data journalism tool

A recent federal appeals court ruling may be a big win for data journalists and researchers who depend on scraping to collect information to report on.

Could Your Newsroom Use Help With Its Most Important Work?

We're opening a Call For Projects, to hear from interested journalistic organizations or individuals that could use a few months of outside technical help on a well-defined project that furthers press freedom or protects journalists and their sources.

California AG refuses to rule out legal action against public records journalists, in new statements

'It's either the case that the Attorney General of California is ... suggesting he can [prosecute] just to intimidate those journalists—or that he doesn't know what California law says. I don't find either option very comforting.'

Copyright lawsuit over Trump photo use is a press freedom fight, too

In a decision that could have dangerous reverberations for press freedom, a federal district judge ruled last week that Esquire violated a copyright held by a Deutsche Bank vice president when it published his photo of Donald Trump crashing a stranger’s wedding at his New Jersey club.

Meet the open-source Twitter bot to help you surface stories on anything

We're releasing Track The News, a new tool to monitor stories from news outlets for words or phrases that matter to you. It's the framework behind @FOIAFeed, our public records reporting bot.