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Preserving threatened archives for Splinter and Deadspin writers

We've created tools to automate the backup of dozens of former Splinter and Deadspin writers' portfolios.

New ruling gives legal boost to a key data journalism tool

A recent federal appeals court ruling may be a big win for data journalists and researchers who depend on scraping to collect information to report on.

Could Your Newsroom Use Help With Its Most Important Work?

We're opening a Call For Projects, to hear from interested journalistic organizations or individuals that could use a few months of outside technical help on a well-defined project that furthers press freedom or protects journalists and their sources.

California AG refuses to rule out legal action against public records journalists, in new statements

'It's either the case that the Attorney General of California is ... suggesting he can [prosecute] just to intimidate those journalists—or that he doesn't know what California law says. I don't find either option very comforting.'

Copyright lawsuit over Trump photo use is a press freedom fight, too

In a decision that could have dangerous reverberations for press freedom, a federal district judge ruled last week that Esquire violated a copyright held by a Deutsche Bank vice president when it published his photo of Donald Trump crashing a stranger’s wedding at his New Jersey club.

Meet the open-source Twitter bot to help you surface stories on anything

We're releasing Track The News, a new tool to monitor stories from news outlets for words or phrases that matter to you. It's the framework behind @FOIAFeed, our public records reporting bot.

Supreme Court rules police need a warrant for your cell phone location data

Law enforcement can no longer claim people have no right to privacy when using a cell phone, and must obtain a warrant to collect historical location data, the Supreme Court ruled today in the long-awaited Carpenter v. United States. This ruling marks a victory for the First and Fourth Amendments, and for journalism.

Introducing @FOIAFeed, a Twitter bot that finds and shares Freedom of Information Act journalism

Freedom of the Press Foundation is launching @FOIAFEED today, a new project that aims to automatically find and surface reporting that uses the Freedom of Information Act or other public records laws to obtain source material.

How secure are news sites? A report from the first year of Secure The News

For over a year now, Secure The News has automatically monitored the HTTPS encryption practices at more than 100 major news sites around the world. Well-configured HTTPS encryption can protect reader privacy, enhance site security, and make important reporting harder to censor or manipulate.

Remembering John Perry Barlow, co-founder of Freedom of the Press Foundation and Internet pioneer. 1947-2018

John Perry Barlow, founder of Freedom of the Press Foundation, has passed away.