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Federal judge reinstates CNN reporter’s press pass after Trump revoked it for critical coverage

After the White House unilaterally revoked CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass last week, a federal judge has temporarily ordered the White House to reinstate it immediately.

Did ICE detain this Mexican journalist for criticizing U.S. immigration policy?

Newly revealed ICE emails suggest that journalist Emilio Gutiérrez-Soto was targeted for deportation after criticizing U.S. immigration authorities

Reality and the Espionage Act

The first whistleblower prosecuted by the Trump administration, Reality Winner pled guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act. Her case is the latest in a long history of targeting sources and whistleblowers under the draconian law.

The CLOUD Act: a danger to journalists worldwide

Appalling legislation threatens to undermine privacy and press freedom across borders.

Statement on Jeff Sessions' disturbing press conference announcing a crackdown on leaks and journalism

An attack on leakers and whistleblowers is an attack on journalism itself. 

How the Espionage Act morphed into a dangerous tool used to prosecute sources and threaten journalists

The Espionage Act is a draconian statute used to stifle press freedom for decades. 

America's 'Official Secrets Act' — the long, sad history of the 100 year-old Espionage Act

The Espionage Act is used to prosecute whistleblowers and threaten journalists. This is its history.