Journalist arrests down but reporters covering protests still at risk

Report shows 14 journalists arrested for doing their jobs in 2022.

Why all Republicans should support the PRESS Act

Spying on journalists is not a partisan issue.

Nearly 40 press rights and civil liberties organizations urge Sen. Schumer to help pass the PRESS Act

Letter argues that law would curtail trend of government surveillance of journalists.

URGENT: Tell Sen. Schumer to pass the PRESS Act and stop the government from spying on journalists

Time is running out to make the PRESS Act the law of the land before Congress adjourns.

California judge buries censorship order in the fine print

Newspaper group refuses to comply with unconstitutional order.

Welcoming Rainey Reitman as board president of Freedom of the Press Foundation

Rainey Reitman succeeds NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as FPF's board president.

Journalism on trial in North Carolina

Latest prosecution for routine newsgathering follows a wave of unconstitutional charges against local journalists.

Judge orders disclosure of funders of lawsuit against CNN

Ruling follows disturbing trend of wealthy and connected financiers attacking the press by bankrolling litigation.

FPF welcomes new advocacy director

Freedom of the Press Foundation welcomes its new Director of Advocacy, Seth Stern. Seth will oversee and expand the nonprofit organization’s efforts to stand up for journalists and whistleblowers who …

Ohio authorities ignore Supreme Court to arrest journalist

Editor charged and equipment seized after publishing source’s recording of murder trial.