Freedom of the Press Foundation's new look, and our plans to protect press freedom for 2017


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We are excited to unveil to you Freedom of the Press Foundation’s new look: We have a brand new website in our fight to protect press freedom and privacy in the age of mass surveillance. It was designed and built by the brilliant developers at Little Weaver Web Collective.  

While we’ve updated our design, you can expect the same uncompromising defense of independent journalism, adversarial publishing, and brave whistleblowers that you’ve come to expect from us since our founding in 2012.

We also want to share with you some of what we have planned for 2017 and the age of Trump.

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Transparency and a free press has never been under more threat. As our co-founder and board member Glenn Greenwald has written, leaks and whistleblowing have never been more noble and more important. And your support means more to us than ever. 

So in 2017, we’re stepping up development of SecureDrop, our open source whistleblower submission system that in over three dozen news organizations now. We are starting engineering on the next-generation version of SecureDrop with the hope that it can ultimately be deployed in hundreds or thousands of newsrooms soon. Support SecureDrop here.

We are training more independent journalists and activists than ever before in how to protect their communications from governments and criminals. As many news outlets have reported, the demand has never been greater. You can check out our new digital security resources page hereSupport digital security training today.

With Edward Snowden’s help, we’re also building new tools which will bring more privacy and security to journalists all over the world. We’re going to release more information on these tools soon, but in the meantime, you can support their development by donating here.

We provide organizational help to Signal, the premiere encryption texting and calling application for iPhone and Android, which has seen an unprecedented 400% increase in downloads since the election. Support Signal here.

Just as we were uncompromising in our fight against the Obama administration’s attack on transparency and their crackdown on whistleblowers, you can expect us to fight just as hard against Trump’s unprecedented hostility towards freedom of the press.

You’ll also notice our various crowdfunding bundles for supporting independent news organizations, open source security tools, and combatting financial censorship have a new look as well. While the counters for donations have been reset for the new website, you can still ensure we will earmark your donations for where you see fit.

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