Courtroom door cracks open in Google antitrust trial

Thanks to pressure from the press, public access to the proceedings is finally improving

Secrecy undermines trust in Google antitrust trial

The press and public shouldn’t be shut out from the Google antitrust case

Financial censorship harms press freedom

GoFundMe blocked a publisher and won’t say why. Payment processors should be transparent about decisions to freeze or ban accounts

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Journalists and the public need to know officers’ identities to hold them accountable for their official actions

Press coalition to courts: Don’t walk back pandemic-era access

Federal courts should continue remote audio access to trials and hearings for public and press

Police dodge journalists by encrypting radio

The NYPD is the latest force to join this anti-transparency trend

Bill to counter drone misuse threatens journalism

A new bill to protect against drone attacks would let the government take aim at the press

Dozens of civil society groups oppose congressional censorship law

Dozens of civil society and press freedom organizations have opposed a new proposal that would allow members of Congress to compel online censorship of certain information

Don’t give Congress a censor’s pen

A new proposal would harm journalism by empowering Congress to require removal of information about lawmakers from the internet

Congress can end warrantless spying on journalists and other Americans

Surveillance law Section 702 shouldn’t be renewed without significant reforms