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Bill is a long time activist, programmer, and cryptography enthusiast. He's been code-slinging server and client-side web applications for nearly a decade, and is involved in the free software community as one of the lead developers of SecureDrop, an anonymous document submission platform. He has joined the W3C Web Cryptography Working Group, and is excited to see the web grow as a platform for cryptographic applications. In addition, he's also interested in broadening accessibility of technologies to communities traditionally overlooked or excluded. He loves hacker spaces and getting together with other techies to tinker, code, share, and build the technological commons. Er spricht auch gern Deutsch!


SecureDrop and the OpenSSL Vulnerability

Update: The Tor Project has released a new version of the Tor Browser Bundle, 3.5.4. This further mitigates client-side vectors, and we recommend users (both sources and journalists) upgrade …