Camille Fassett is a reporter for the Freedom of the Press Foundation. She documents press freedom violations, such as arrests of journalists, for the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, and manages social media. Her academic work at UC Berkeley focused on international development and humanitarian aid. She is an activist, writer, self defense instructor, and amateur chef.


Prosecuting journalists who covered Inauguration Day protests endangers press freedom and the First Amendment

Two journalists still face charges and potentially decades in prison for covering Inauguration Day protests in Washington D.C. The continued prosecution of Aaron Cantú and Alexei Wood for doing their ...

Protecting net neutrality is an important press freedom issue

The Federal Communications Commission released its proposal to kill net neutrality on Tuesday, which would end the restrictions on internet service providers (ISPs) that attempt to guarantee a free and ...

Congress is debating NSA's spying powers. Demand they end warrantless surveillance on Americans.

Republicans want to expand NSA surveillance powers. Don't let them.