How to shop for a journalist: A security gift-giving guide

Sometimes I need gifts for my journalist friends. Journalists don’t typically treat themselves to gadgets and services that will make their jobs safer and easier, but maybe you can treat them instead.

Newsrooms, let’s talk about G Suite

If you work in a newsroom, there’s a good chance you work with colleagues on Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more. G Suite software is simple and powerful. But anyone working in a newsroom has probably asked themselves: What can Google see? What about our most sensitive conversations and documents? What about documents that concern our own unreleased reporting, or information on our sources?

Leaking on the clock: What your sources need to know

Last week, Eric Trump tweeted a screenshot of an email that circulated through the Trump Organization by Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold. Although the tweet sensationalized Fahrenholt’s emails, it should fall short of qualifying for reality TV levels of drama, since reporters do this sort of thing all the time. But are there other considerations to take in mind when reaching out to sources in their workplaces?

Journalists, how private are your Slack messages really?

It's time to rethink your privacy on Slack.

The story inside your software updates

If your web browser is asking you to install software updates, it may also be asking you to protect itself from getting hacked.

Choosing a password manager

As password breaches become more frequent, learning how to protect online accounts is more important than ever.

Security, the gift that keeps on giving

This year we're gifting simple security guidance, which I think we can all agree is better than another internet-connected kitchen appliance.

The first time they reach out, protect sources from themselves

Most sources don’t reach out with terribly sensitive information. But sometimes they do.

Why security specialists love to hate cellphone networks

Learn who else could be on the line when making a call on your cell.

Why reporters should always turn on Signal’s disappearing messages

The app's easy-to-use "disappearing messages" feature can prevent sensitive conversations from getting into the wrong hands — when used as a part of a larger practice of secure communications.