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Why journalists should enable Signal usernames

With Signal’s new username and discoverability features, we’re done giving away phone numbers

Overcoming challenges when setting up newsroom Signal tiplines

We outline important decisions for newsrooms when setting up Signal tiplines

Lessons from a newsroom raid: How to encrypt your devices to protect yourself

Police raid on Marion County Record underscores digital security threats to media orgs.

How journalists can work from home securely

Both the newsroom and individual journalists must make some changes to work from home securely.

How technology is changing the harassment of journalists — and what newsrooms can do about it

A study of mob censorship of journalists, and how media organizations and platforms are responding.

How secure are journalists’ favorite transcription tools?

Journalistic work often depends on transcription services for creating written logs of recorded audio, from assisting in research to captioning videos to publication of interviews. But uploading audio to a transcription service means giving a copy of that — sometimes sensitive — recording over to a company.

Journalism’s treacherous relationship with email

In journalistic work, email introduces needless risk. But it's also tough to avoid. We must think through when and how to switch to different channels.

Our Digital Security Team discusses arrests of U.S. journalists in 2020

Freedom of the Press Foundation recently released a report detailing a record number of arrests throughout 2020 based on comprehensive data gathered by the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, a …

U.S. election security incidents were minimal — and now it gets messy

While there is now little evidence of U.S. election malfeasance, there's still so much more we can do.

Security considerations for confidential tip pages

How journalists can safely make the most of their confidential tip pages.