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How journalists can work from home securely

Both the newsroom and individual journalists must make some changes to work from home securely.

To protect your sources, protect your address book

Source protection is a paramount concern for journalists in every beat. Platforms like SecureDrop and apps like Signal allow you the ability to securely and privately speak with whistleblowers to break important stories. Beyond protecting the confidentiality of these conversations, however, is the concern for the metadata, or data about data, that identifies who you’ve been talking to.

Our Digital Security Team discusses arrests of U.S. journalists in 2020

Freedom of the Press Foundation recently released a report detailing a record number of arrests throughout 2020 based on comprehensive data gathered by the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, a …

What we know about video conferencing with Microsoft Teams

Learn about the security, privacy, and anti-abuse measures of the Microsoft Teams video chat platform.

What we know about video conferencing with Whereby

Learn about the security, privacy, and anti-abuse measures of the Whereby video chat platform.

What about antivirus?

Antivirus software is one of the oldest offerings available from the now-billion-dollar cybersecurity industry. But what does antivirus software do to help protect our devices, what does it not do, and do we really need it?

We ran over some security keys with a car and some still worked

One of the most common questions we get in training journalists on two-factor authentication (2FA) is: How hard are these hardware security keys exactly? Our digital security team has plenty of anecdotes to support their durability, but we've decided to methodically put them to the test.

Leaking on the clock: What your sources need to know

Last week, Eric Trump tweeted a screenshot of an email that circulated through the Trump Organization by Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold. Although the tweet sensationalized Fahrenholt’s emails, it should fall short of qualifying for reality TV levels of drama, since reporters do this sort of thing all the time. But are there other considerations to take in mind when reaching out to sources in their workplaces?

The story inside your software updates

If your web browser is asking you to install software updates, it may also be asking you to protect itself from getting hacked.