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Introducing Haven, the open source security system in your pocket

Use the sensors in your phone to protect yourself. 

Join us in supporting Techdirt as it faces a threatening lawsuit for exercising its First Amendment rights

Techdirt is in a First Amendment fight for its life and needs everyone's support. 

Beware of the Trump administration’s coming crackdown on leaks — and journalism

Prosecuting sources is a direct threat to press freedom.

Statement on Trump allegedly telling Comey to jail reporters for publishing classified information

Trump allegedly urged Comey to imprison journalists who publish classified information. This is a grave threat to press freedom. 

We targeted a SecureDrop ad at potential whistleblowers in the Trump administration. You can too.

Any news organization can run a Twitter or Facebook ad targeting Trump administration employees for whistleblowing.

Incredible news: President Obama has commuted the sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Brave whistleblower Chelsea Manning will be released from prison on May 17th, rather than in 2045. 

Introducing Secure The News, an automated tool tracking the adoption of HTTPS encryption across news websites

HTTPS protects reader privacy, security, and prevents censorship. We're tracking its adoption.

Over 150 filmmakers and photojournalists call on major camera manufacturers to build encryption into their cameras

Camera manufacturers need to build in encryption to protect filmmakers and photojournalists.

How the Obama administration laid the groundwork for Trump’s coming crackdown on the press

Trump has threatened to crackdown on the press, and sadly Obama has left him all the tools to do so. 

Freedom of the Press Foundation's new look, and our plans to protect press freedom for 2017

Check out our brand new website, and read about our plans for protecting press freedom in the age of Donald Trump.