Garrett Robinson



Garrett Robinson is Chief Technology Officer at Freedom of the Press Foundation. From 2013-2017 he was Lead Developer of SecureDrop. His interest in empowering whistleblowers through technology began when he was involved with environmental activism in Appalachia, and led to the creation of a whistleblower submission site called Honest Appalachia. He previously worked full time as a security and privacy engineer for Mozilla, and also for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Publishing the unredacted SecureDrop 0.3.4 audit report

In July, we announced the release of SecureDrop 0.3.4 and published the accompanying security audit by iSEC partners (now NCC Group). The audit found 10 issues, one of ...

Announcing the latest security audit of SecureDrop

Today we’re announcing SecureDrop 0.3.4, the latest release of SecureDrop, and publishing the results of the accompanying security audit by iSEC Partners. This is our fourth audit ...

Announcing the new version of SecureDrop, with the results from our third security audit

Today, we’re announcing the latest major release of SecureDrop, our open-source whistleblower submission system. SecureDrop 0.3 uses the same basic architecture found in 0.2, but contains numerous ...