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Rainey Reitman is a co-founder and board member of Freedom of the Press Foundation. She advocates for individual privacy, government transparency, and free expression online. She co-founded and helped lead the Chelsea Manning Support Network from 2010-2016. Reitman serves as Activism Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and runs a nonprofit consulting service called Groundwork.


Incredible news: President Obama has commuted the sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Brave whistleblower Chelsea Manning will be released from prison on May 17th, rather than in 2045. 

Chelsea Manning speaks from behind bars in new podcast

Amnesty International released a podcast with Chelsea Manning today. Listen here.

Tor Challenge Inspires 1,635 Tor Relays

Good news for whistleblowers, journalists, and everyone who likes to browse the Internet with an added cloak of privacy: the Tor network got a little stronger. Tor—software that lets you …