FBI whistleblower Terry Albury sentenced to four years in prison for sharing information with journalists

FBI whistleblower Terry Albury has been sentenced to four years in prison for leaking information of huge public interest value to the press.

Trump administration continues its crackdown on journalistic sources, charges fifth person in less than two years

Freedom of the Press Foundation statement on the Justice Department's arrest and charges against Treasury Department employee Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards for allegedly sharing information with the press

One year on, the push for change since the murder of Malta's most famous investigative journalist

Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered on October 16, 2017. Her death has divided Malta and shaken governmental and journalistic institutions to their core. The year since has functioned as a national reckoning, a questioning, and a movement.

Support FBI whistleblower Terry Albury, who is set to be sentenced next week

The documents whistleblower Terry Albury is assumed to have shared detail the FBI’s recruitment tactics, investigations of minorities, and how the agency monitors journalists. Next week, he'll be sentenced in federal court, and for his act of courage, he could face years in prison.

New documents reveal details of the FBI’s dangerous practice of impersonating journalists

Every time a government agent impersonates a journalist to conduct its own investigation, they are putting countless real journalists at risk. The FBI has engaged in the practice for years while keeping its policies a secret, but thanks to documents released as part of a FOIA lawsuit by Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, we now know a little more.

California transparency legislation could improve access to police records for journalists and the public

If SB 1421 and AB 748 become law in California, journalists and the public would be able to more easily access police records like misconduct history and body camera footage, like when officers kill or seriously injure a citizen.

Revealed: The Justice Dept's secret rules for targeting journalists with FISA court orders

The Justice Dept has kept these FISA court rules for targeting journalists secret for years. 

Google should protect whistleblowers and increase transparency, not stifle it

Google should protect whistleblowers who to the press, and immediately address the concerns that its employees have raised about the company’s complicity in a project that could expand China’s censorship and damage press freedom.

Join us in fighting back against powerful corporations trying to silence news and advocacy organizations

SLAPP suits, or “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” are brought by wealthy individuals or organizations in an attempt to silence critical speech. They also have huge implications for press freedom. We're joining a campaign to combat this dangerous tactic.

Prisons are censoring publications that challenge state power

Many civil liberties violations and instances of state abuse that incarcerated people experience are rendered invisible from the rest of the country. Prisons are cracking down on incarcerated people’s rights to access information, learn, and read the news—a huge threat to the First and Fourth Amendments.