Secrecy undermines trust in antitrust trial

The press and public shouldn’t be shut out from the Google antitrust case

In defense of aggressive small-town newspapers

The decline of local news may be causing small-town officials to forget the role of the Fourth Estate

Arrests of independent journalists should make headlines too

When cases that don’t involve the mainstream press don’t get the attention they should, it results in bad law that harms the rights of all journalists

Judge gets it wrong in censoring the Post-Dispatch

An unconstitutional order once again extends a prior restraint on newspaper

It’s time to rein in Pegasus and halt spying on journalists

The United States could do more to combat spyware used by governments to surveil the press

Prosecuting Assange threatens press freedom. US officials should not need the Australians to explain that to them

Our government should have heeded calls to drop charges against Assange long ago. It’s embarrassing that foreigners have to remind us of our constitutional principles

Freeze out: Politicians retaliate against the press using public notices

Anti-press lawmakers are attacking the press by yanking contracts to publish public notices or ending requirements to publish notices in newspapers entirely

‘Cop City’ indictment threatens press freedom

Reckless charges cite everything from publishing zines to holding press conferences as components of protesters' purported conspiracy

Finders keepers? Police illegally seize and refuse to return journalists’ equipment

Police seizure of journalists’ equipment outside the newsroom should draw just as much outrage as the raid on the Marion County Record

Financial censorship harms press freedom

GoFundMe blocked a publisher and won’t say why. Payment processors should be transparent about decisions to freeze or ban accounts