Freedom of the Press Foundation Takes On Development of “Dangerzone”

Freedom of the Press Foundation is now the official home of Dangerzone, an open source tool developed by Micah Lee at First Look Media to make it safer for journalists to work with electronic documents sent to them by sources.

In its quest to censor war reporting, the Russian government has dismantled all semblance of press freedom

Journalists at independent news outlets in Russia have been arrested, raided, censored, and forced to flee in the past week.

US Press Freedom Tracker Data now available on the decentralized web via IPFS

As a proof of concept, we're now also publishing the Press Freedom Tracker’s incident database on IFPS.

Secret Justice Dept. subpoena drives home the need for a strong journalist shield law

With a reporter surveillance scandal of its own embroiling Biden’s Department of Justice, it’s now more important than ever for his administration to throw its weight behind passing a journalist shield law such as Senator Ron Wyden’s PRESS Act.

The Supreme Court leaks keep coming — and that’s good

In the week since Politico dropped its blockbuster reporting on a draft Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the floodgates of leaks have opened. That’s a good thing.

FPF, dozens of groups condemn LA County sheriff’s retaliatory statements against reporter

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s public threat of retaliatory investigation into a reporter is an outrageous press freedom violation, and Freedom of the Press Foundation has joined over two dozen groups last week in a letter condemning that action.

Support journalists and whistleblowers with a membership to Freedom of the Press Foundation

Freedom of the Press Foundation announces new membership program to bring its community together in a world where press freedom is under constant threat.

What’s worse than NYPD press credentialing? An unfair mayor’s office process

New York City Hall is out of line in demanding information about the criminal backgrounds and open cases of journalists applying for press credentials.

Fair use win in screenshot case is a victory for media reporting

In an important ruling for the press’s ability to report freely on the work of other outlets, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that including a screenshot in an article commenting on another article's reporting is not copyright infringement. This is welcome news in an age where copyright can be used to restrict what newspapers can and can’t say about each other.

Senate FOIA hearing brings hard questions for government witnesses

Lawmakers called for modernization and an answer to a “basic question about how FOIA is operating in the context of new technology.”