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Indictment of journalist raises serious First Amendment concerns

Government seeks permanent seizure of journalist Tim Burke's computers

You can help protect press freedom. Urge the Biden administration to end the case against Assange

A new FPF video explains exactly how the Espionage Act charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange endanger journalists and news outlets

Law professors to DOJ: Drop Assange prosecution

Letter from legal scholars explains how prosecuting Julian Assange threatens press freedom

Dangerzone receives favorable audit

In an independent review, the Freedom of the Press Foundation tool that helps journalists work with electronic documents safely was found to have no critical vulnerabilities

LA’s lawsuit against journalist Ben Camacho is an unconstitutional mess

It was bad enough when the city sought an unlawful prior restraint against Camacho. Now it’s going even further

Rights orgs to Georgia AG: Stop criminalizing dissent and privacy

Attempts to criminalize "burner" phones and other tools commonly used by journalists and activists are dangerous and unconstitutional

FPF explains the importance of the PRESS Act

Bipartisan bill would protect journalist-source confidentiality and put a stop to government surveillance of reporters

Why political rivals can and should come together for press freedom

It takes courage for politicians likely to be criticized by journalists to nonetheless stand up for their constitutional rights

Israel and US continue to ignore press freedom violations

As more and more journalists are killed and the international press remains shut out of Gaza, the time is now for the Biden administration to pressure Israel to act

Vigil recognizes journalists killed in Gaza

The deaths of more than 80 journalists in the Israel-Gaza War are horrific and shameful