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Nearly the entire police force raided the Marion County Record in August 2023. The search warrant was later withdrawn after the Marion County Attorney determined that it was based on “insufficient evidence.”

Marion County Record

Caitlin Vogus spoke to the Lawfare podcast last week about the police raid of the Marion County Record, its chilling effect on the press, and steps journalists can take to protect themselves against future police raids and other searches.

As Vogus, deputy director of advocacy for Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), told Lawfare Managing Editor Tyler McBrien:

“The raid on Marion was rare, but it is not the only type of violation of press freedom that’s in a similar vein that we’re concerned about at Freedom of the Press Foundation. … We have to stay vigilant about press freedom in the U.S. We can’t be complacent and think we have the First Amendment and everything is fine.”

Listen to the whole podcast.

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