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Project: Cracking Guantanamo Secrecy

No post-9/11 war on terror policy has been as controversial—or as secretive—as the Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp and the military commissions set up to try the alleged terrorists being held there. And with the trials of the alleged 9/11 co-conspirators heating up, there is never a more important time to bring transparency to the much disputed court proceedings.

With the help of Freedom of the Press Foundation and its donors, Truthout will continue their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) work, bringing light to the secretive prison camp, and will return to Guantanamo Bay throughout 2013 to cover the court hearings.

Truthout has previously covered the dozens of prisoners who have been cleared for release but have languished in the prison for years, including the story of detainee Adnan Latif, who was recently found dead in his cell. Through Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests and cultivated sources, Truthout outlined the glaring questions about his alleged death-by-suicide and found inconsistent explanations of the government's conclusions and Latif’s medical treatments.

Through a multitude of FOIA requests and resulting lawsuits, Truthout has also unearthed facts and questions about Guantanamo that have been missed by much of the other media. One such success was a 14 month investigation into one of the prison’s most well-known detainees, Abu Zubaydah, and Zubaydah's brother, an FBI informant.

Truthout has already made one trip to Guantanamo, where they reported on chaos surrounding a mysterious government censor who was restricting reporters’ access to the hearings without consulting the judge.

With the help of Freedom of the Press Foundation donors, Truthout plans to continue all of this vital reporting surrounding national security, and keep sending a reporter to the Guantanamo hearings, ensuring government secrecy does not win out over transparency and the public’s right to know.