Digital security services

Training services: Our topic-specific sessions range from 75 minutes to three hours, depending on the material being covered. We have some standard training modules and can also build custom training programs consisting of two or more modules. Reach out to request training services.

Consulting: We can provide digital security consultations ad hoc or on an ongoing basis, according to your needs. Some popular types of consulting are: threat modeling, implementation recommendations, and policy review. Reach out to us to request consultation services.

Organizational security audit: We offer full-scale audit services to help you better understand and improve your organization’s security posture. You can select from several versions of our audit with different deliverables. We do extensive need-finding to figure out which type of audit is best for you. Audits are typically multimonth engagements. Reach out to us to request audit services.

Journalism school digital security curriculum: We maintain a free curriculum of digital security modules, created by FPF, aimed at journalism professors and educators looking to incorporate digital security principles into their coursework and curriculums. This resource is customizable and intended to be used as a starting point for digital security education in the journalism field. For more details, browse our J-school digital security curriculum.

Membership: We offer quarterly digital security trainings through our membership program (memberships start at $5/month) and run several ongoing programs that are free to all.

SecureDrop training: We administer SecureDrop training for administrators and journalists at organizations using SecureDrop, a whistleblowing communication platform that FPF develops and maintains. Learn more about SecureDrop.

Our process

Interested in hiring us for a training session, consulting, or other services? Please review the steps below to better understand our intake process and get started.

We offer training, consulting, and auditing services
Sliding scale
We use a flexible pricing model to help our work reach the people who need it most
The engagement type and pricing scale that best reflect your needs and situation
The request form that best reflects your needs and situation
If you need training services
If you need consulting, organizational audits or other services
We'll be in touch!
A staff member will be in touch within two to five business days. After some personalized needfinding, it typically takes another two to five business days for us to prepare a training proposal with a quote for services. Once you have reviewed and approved the quote, we will reach out to schedule your services!

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