FPF urges court to release bodycam footage of journalists’ arrests

Asheville journalists set for trial but footage remains hidden from public

Global imprisonment of journalists spikes amid U.S. inaction

Credible American leadership needed to curb disturbing trend.

Journalist arrests down but reporters covering protests still at risk

Report shows 14 journalists arrested for doing their jobs in 2022.

Journalism on trial in North Carolina

Latest prosecution for routine newsgathering follows a wave of unconstitutional charges against local journalists.

Now’s the time: Tell Sen. Durbin to advance the PRESS Act, the historic press freedom legislation

Sen. Dick Durbin has an opportunity to advance landmark protections for journalists.

Prison time for reporting on leaks?

Don’t give presidents the tools to jail journalists.

Why is Chelsea Manning still in jail?

The ongoing detention of Chelsea Manning is inhumane and punitive, and she should be released immediately.

Support FBI whistleblower Terry Albury, who is set to be sentenced next week

The documents whistleblower Terry Albury is assumed to have shared detail the FBI’s recruitment tactics, investigations of minorities, and how the agency monitors journalists. Next week, he'll be sentenced in federal court, and for his act of courage, he could face years in prison.

The #J20 trials are about the future of the First Amendment

The government’s ongoing and aggressive prosecution of people arrested merely for their presence at a protest where crimes allegedly occurred is dangerous, and will have chilling effects on the future of dissent in the United States.

Chelsea Manning speaks from behind bars in new podcast

Amnesty International released a podcast with Chelsea Manning today. Listen here.