It’s time to rein in Pegasus and halt spying on journalists

The United States could do more to combat spyware used by governments to surveil the press

Data broker loophole threatens journalists and whistleblowers

Congress should stop law enforcement and intelligence agencies from buying their way around the Fourth Amendment

Congress has reintroduced the PRESS Act. Now lawmakers must pass it.

The federal shield law bill would protect journalists, confidential sources, and the American people’s right to know

Congress can end warrantless spying on journalists and other Americans

Surveillance law Section 702 shouldn’t be renewed without significant reforms

Demand that Fox News reveal confidential source underscores need for PRESS Act

A federal judge implied that the lack of a federal shield law weakens the reporter’s privilege

Snowden anniversary a reminder of the need to protect whistleblowers and journalists

Disclosures changed history by revealing illegal mass surveillance

UnAmerican RESTRICT Act would enable mass censorship

It’s embarrassing that elected officials actually support this unconstitutional mess

Why all Republicans should support the PRESS Act

Spying on journalists is not a partisan issue.

URGENT: Tell Sen. Schumer to pass the PRESS Act and stop the government from spying on journalists

Time is running out to make the PRESS Act the law of the land before Congress adjourns.

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