Official retaliation for “acts of journalism” raises alarms

Discussion of U.S. Press Freedom Tracker’s annual arrest report highlights unusual and concerning abuses of power in 2023

Journalists must be allowed to cover protests and their aftermath

From Cop City to the National Gallery of Art, officers continue to ignore the First Amendment and harass journalists covering civil unrest

‘Cop City’ indictment threatens press freedom

Reckless charges cite everything from publishing zines to holding press conferences as components of protesters' purported conspiracy

Finders keepers? Police illegally seize and refuse to return journalists’ equipment

Police seizure of journalists’ equipment outside the newsroom should draw just as much outrage as the raid on the Marion County Record

DOJ: Dispersing journalists from protests violates First Amendment

Recent report marks welcome change from Justice’s past anti-press positions

The NYPD has a serious press freedom problem

Recent arrest of respected photojournalist was just one of many recent abuses

Upcoming trial of journalists only tip of anti-press iceberg in Asheville

Search warrant and park bans show officials’ unusual hostility to free speech as June 12 trial approaches

Reject unconstitutional efforts to criminalize legal support numbers

For journalists, legal support numbers are a necessity, not a crime

Federal court dismisses dangerous charges in lawsuit that threatens First Amendment

A lawsuit by a logging company against environmental groups is a prime example of how corporations bring lawsuits in an attempt to drain their critics of resources and intimidate them into silence.

Canadian police block journalists from covering pipeline protest in British Columbia

The Royal Mounted Canadian Police are preventing journalists from covering members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation’s opposition to the construction of a natural gas pipeline that would run through British …