Out-of-control North Dakota prosecutors still pursuing reporter Amy Goodman, even after judge dismisses riot charge

Why are prosecutors attempting to throw reporters in jail for documenting protests?

What happened during my arrest at Trump's inauguration

Journalist Evan Engel describes his arrest and night in jail for covering the inauguration protests in January.

Dangerous lawsuit against Greenpeace threatens news organizations and First Amendment

A harrowing lawsuit against Greenpeace threatens not only environmental advocacy, but also political speech and press freedom. 

Manuel Duran could be deported for doing journalism

Memphis journalist Manuel Duran was arrested while covering a protest. Although he faces no charges, he remains in ICE custody and could still be deported for doing his job. His detention is unconscionable, and an affront to press freedom.

The #J20 trials are about the future of the First Amendment

The government’s ongoing and aggressive prosecution of people arrested merely for their presence at a protest where crimes allegedly occurred is dangerous, and will have chilling effects on the future of dissent in the United States.