Manuel Duran could be deported for doing journalism

Memphis journalist Manuel Duran was arrested while covering a protest. Although he faces no charges, he remains in ICE custody and could still be deported for doing his job. His detention is unconscionable, and an affront to press freedom.

Dangerous lawsuit against Greenpeace threatens news organizations and First Amendment

A harrowing lawsuit against Greenpeace threatens not only environmental advocacy, but also political speech and press freedom. 

Prosecuting journalists who covered Inauguration Day protests endangers press freedom and the First Amendment

Two journalists still face charges and potentially decades in prison for covering Inauguration Day protests in Washington D.C. The continued prosecution of Aaron Cantú and Alexei Wood for doing their …

What happened during my arrest at Trump's inauguration

Journalist Evan Engel describes his arrest and night in jail for covering the inauguration protests in January.

Out-of-control North Dakota prosecutors still pursuing reporter Amy Goodman, even after judge dismisses riot charge

Why are prosecutors attempting to throw reporters in jail for documenting protests?

Documenting the Arrests of Journalists in Ferguson

Last updated: November 26 2014, 10:50 AM EST - 24 journalists arrested On Aug. 13, 2014, police in Ferguson, Missouri, assaulted and arrested two journalists for allegedly failing to exit …

The Operating System That Can Protect You Even if You Get Hacked

We wrote about the importance of the Tails operating system to all of the NSA journalists last week, but there’s also another little-known operating system that journalists should consider using …

Remembering Aaron Swartz, Who Passed Away One Year Ago Today

Aaron Swartz, the brilliant technologist and transparency activist, tragically passed away one year ago today. He was just 26. In his short lifetime, Aaron accomplished so much in pursuit of …

How Aaron Swartz Fought For Government Transparency

"Transparency can be a powerful thing, but not in isolation. So, let’s stop passing the buck by saying our job is just to get the data out there and it’s …